About Dining in the Dark

Dining in the Dark is a unique, multi-course experience taking place in complete darkness. Guests are invited to wear eye masks, although the room is completely “light-locked”, there is still some light which comes in through open doors and exit signs. The dinner consists of a secret menu kept quiet until the end of the event with a big reveal. Guests utilize their other available senses throughout the dinner while getting to know their server, an individual with a visual impairment or blindness. Before and during the dinner, we have live music, a silent auction, raffle, cash bar, and sensory room experience. The event itself is like non-other in our community and is appreciated by all. The event is an awareness effort for our community about the abilities of people with blindness or visual impairments. All proceeds go to the programs at Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living and future awareness events.

The 2018 Experience

A room submerged in complete darkness; lightless and uncompromising.  You reach for your fork, but hit your glass instead. Your optic nerve is rendered totally useless and you have to rely on your other senses to guide you.  Your hearing peaks, your taste becomes piquant, your touch more delicate.  Your nose betrays your lips with every bite of the secret menu items.  A considerately and vigilantly set up multi-course meal will amaze you with every bite as you dip into each dish and discover the difference your eyes can make.  A challenge that is sure to keep your mind reeling with anticipation! Test your skills and see if you can guess what you are eating before concluding with the chef’s menu reveal.



Dining in the Dark is the annual fundraiser for Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living (BVCIL). All proceeds go to the programs and services provided for by BVCIL. You can can find out more about BVCIL by going to www.BVCIL.org