Interested in volunteering at this year’s event?

Dining in the Dark Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Dining in the Dark. It really takes many volunteers — some over the course of months (i.e., our planning committee) and others an hour or two the day of the event (i.e., our setup crew) — of course, there are many other jobs in between!

Following is a brief description of each type of volunteer position needed. Elsewhere on this page is a “sign-up” form. Please fill this out, to let us know you are interested and someone will contact you within a few days! In the meantime, if you have questions, you can email us at DiningInTheDarkBCS@bvcil.org

Volunteer Descriptions

Primarily blind or visually impaired individuals. They navigate a rope grid in the dark using a cane. They will be in the dining room serving guests, talking with them, and attending to guest needs. We hope to have one per table (40 tables in total) but we have put one between 2 – 3 tables in past years. They will be the ones to pass food to the guests, pick up plates, bring silverware, all of which normal waiters/waitresses do – just in the dark! They will have a few trainings before the event, and then the day of they are required to come about 4 hours before to get additional training on the scaled floor.
Cart Runners:
These individuals will need to be able to navigate a rope grid in the dark. They will be pushing food carts to tables using the grid pattern to know where to go. They will have to communicate with the servers in their row and be able to make it to all tables and then back to the kitchen. There are planned to be 4 rows of 10 tables. They will receive training before the event, and are expected to be available the day of the event about 4 hours before for additional training on the scaled floor. We would like to have 4 cart runners, one for each row of tables.
Much like the cart runners, the bussers will be pushing carts to tables and clearing them. They will need to be able to navigate the rope grid in the dark, also. They will be pushing the carts to table and back to the kitchen. They will receive training before the event and on the day of. We would like to have 4 bussers, one for each row of tables.
Table/bathroom escorts:
These volunteers will be trained to navigate the rope grid in the dark from table to table. They will assist in seating guests before and during the dinner. They will also assist guests in leaving the dining room so they can find the restroom. They will be stationed in certain areas of the dining room so the servers are able to come find them and ask for assistance. We would like to have 4 escorts, one for each row of tables.
Silent auction host/ess:
We have several basket items set out during the social hour and the dinner that guests are allowed to bid on. Each basket closes at a certain time of night and whoever bid the highest will be announced at the end of the meal. We need hosts to watch over the baskets, assist guests with any questions, and close the baskets off. We would like to have the volunteers bring the baskets in when the lights come on so that they can deliver the baskets to the winners. We will need at least 6 volunteers, but would ideally like to have one for each basket. We also request that they have great people skills.
Set up crew:
We will need a large group of volunteers that can take direction in laying down the rope grid. There is a specialized style in which we lay the grid, so we need volunteers able to accomplish the task. There is also set up needed for our registration desk, setting out tables and chairs in the dining room, putting out the table centerpieces, setting out raffle baskets, setting up our item shop, setting up for the sensory room, putting up door drapes to close out light, and much more. We hope to have at least 10 volunteers, but more are welcome.
Take down crew:
All of the stuff put up will need to come down and packed away, then loaded on our vehicles. We will need assistance in cleaning up any left behind garbage or items.
Gift shop:
We will need individuals to lead sales of our t-shirts and wristbands before, during, and after the event. Individuals will be trusted to handle money and give proper inventory of items. We would like to have 2 individuals to do this, but we may have a staff member supervising.
Door monitors:
There are 2 entrances into the dining room. We will need someone at each who can make sure the drapes stay closed, can assist exiting and entering guests. We will need 2 volunteers for this.
Registration desk:
This will be where guests and volunteers check in. They will need to be able to hand out the proper items and direct guests to where things are as well as inform them of seating times. We need 4 people for this position.
Raffle ticket sellers:
We have raffle items that we sell tickets for leading up to the event and during the event. We will need individuals to walk around the area, asking guests if they would like to purchase tickets. Sellers will need to collect money at time of ticket purchases and be responsible for the tickets as well as cash. At the end of the evening, they will need to give the money to the staff member at the donation shop. We would like 6 individuals for this position and request they have great people skills.

Don’t be shy! Are you interested? Sign-up and our volunteer coordinator will contact you to discuss all of the details. You can either fill out the application below or follow this link: Dining in the Dark Application